Who We Are?




From meaningful change to measurable value by connecting public to Web 3.0 .

We envisage an entirely new way to incentivize public in changing their behaviors and empower them to drive this change with great pleasure.

This is the community lead project in combining real world experience with a commitment to change, embracing ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) concept with the sole objective to invite millions toward a healthier lifestyle and promote green and sustainability concept.

We use latest in-app recognition algorithm technology and on-chain.



Supply and Earning :-

Governance Token : 210,000,000. Public mint date to be announced in official Twitter only.

Governance token vesting machine:-

25% of total governance token will be distributed to the users through off-chain and on-chain qualifying activities. Existing utility token (R2E) holders could expect higher distribution % of governance token at to be announced snapshot date.

  • Governance token holders will start to earn more utility tokens when Twitter followers reach 50,000.
  • Burning and staking mechanics are revealed once Twitter followers reach 100,000.



Supply and Earning :-

Utility token has an limited supply of 100,000,000,000 and is only earned by eligible users.

BSC (BEP20) contract : 0xd9Abf4c1e3d5DEE80DdbABc6cB8B5CAD8F4623A0

Utility token burning mechanics:-

The utility token is burned in many ways including but not limited to :-

  • Levelling up earning power.
  • Participate in monthly raffles.
  • Claim great range of luxury merchandise.
  • Concerts ticket and perks.
  • Mint NFT.
  • Donation and charity.
  • Shopping reward points.
  • Air tickets and accommodations.
  • Many….

The Roadmap

Token Distribution

Our Team

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Co-Founder & Creator

A peaceful NFT/Web3 degen and blockchain enthusiast.

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Co-Founder & Developer

Crypto enthusiast and alpha retriever.

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Lead Designer

A passion altcoinist exploring Web3 and Crypto memes.

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